I've been in love with the game for pretty much as long as I remember, and so in 2011 I began this blog as a place to chart my longer ramblings on cricket as England reached the number one ranking in the world. It's been left behind on more than one occasion since then, but since the summer of 2014 I've tried to keep this as up to date as I can.

When not following the travails of the England team, I'm also a keen supporter of Yorkshire domestically and play a spot myself - my finest hour coming when I dismissed Simon Jones on Cricket AM in the summer of 2013 (we shall ignore the fact that he was batting right handed and with a bat about the width of a stump). Outside the game I've recently graduated from a degree in history, and other interests include photography; making music; and getting far too emotional over various musicians, books, television shows, and films.

I'm always up for a chat about the game, and can be found on twitter @thetwoshortlegs.

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